Neutron Stars - The Most Extreme Things that are not Black Holes


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    Why the sailor moon

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    This video was very confusing. I need a bit of explanation on the Mount Everest in a cup of coffee.

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    E = MC^2 and virus sperm Virus sperm are extremely sophisticated, virus sperm, nucle dycay 1 neutron create 91, 8 voltage create energy for sperm to swim

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    “Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violence things in the universe" My mom: Pathetic.

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    Officer, she was truly legal, technically the atoms in her body are made of neutron stars that existed eons ago

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    If only compressing matter to subatomic levels wouldn't make black holes... we'd be living in a galaxy where all matter is always present. but then the amount of energy in the universe would increase, which in reality can only happen if matter is destroyed since E= mc squared.

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    Science is like you go from nuclear pasta which is the most strongest material to a frickin kilanova

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    1:35 hey kurzgesagt I have one question for u if the carbon become neon neon become oxygen so my question is if oxygen formed in Core of star did it burn imidiatly becuz oxygen is highly flammable how could it can be formed to something more dense??????

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    @Mansi Trivedi I'm mostly speculating here, to be sure I recommend you look it up in 2-3 different places

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    @scarmack :D thx for improving me



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    Well your question is bit wrong star don't burn they release there energy due the process of fusion .Fusion and combustion/burning are far apart from each other from your question i assume that you are talking about the burning we see in our daily life where oxygen is required to complete the process the process of burning is also known as redox reaction where a hydrogen rich fuel is reduced by an oxidant to produce heat this is the process of burning while in stars they don't burn they fuse atoms to release energy so burning is just a off topic while talking about fusion and for the fact why oxygen fuse soo quickly well that's the think i can't help you up with right now because i am not that good at atomic physics

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    I'm not sure, but I think that what we call burning is actually just oxygen changing forms, but it's still oxygen, and can still be changed more.

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    "I literally created all elements in the universe, how can you be better than me? How is that logical?" "It isn't."

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    Mate ur video’s alway help my figure out this sort of stuff thx love ur channel

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    5:28 When weebs become astrologists

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    04:34 "Lumps of pasta inside a neutron star" Italians: Americans must have cooked it

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    its looks like a black hole what happen if i go there if i burn my flesh and skin

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    ppl: watching video on space noone even looks at stars anymore.

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    0:33 forbidden cheese

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    astronaut: why is our Italian pilot flying towards a neutron star astronaut 2: he is tryi- Italian space pilot: I NEED TO EAT THE NUCLEAR PASTA

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    Could you make a video about neutrinos?

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    Somehow I'm hungry...

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    I refuse to believe we know this when we haven't been past the moon

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    Who cares what you refuse? Your opinion doesn’t change facts.

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    We can get a lot out of light, more than most people can believe

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    you know super powerful telescopes exist right

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    I see astrophysicists love Italian food!

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    I don’t know why but I really love that its called nuclear pasta

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    This is got to be all based completely on theory. How are you supposed to measure any of this? You can’t even fly close to the sun because of the heat, so I guess this is all observation of different stars from satellites and from earth.

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    “How do I know that the Dun is actually hot if I can’t touch it?” You got some flat earth logic 😂

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    We can't physically go near anything, really. Anything about space is theory, except other planets

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    What came first? The galaxy or the sun?

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    Do you mean our sun or just generic stars?

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    The galaxy, of course.

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    Neutron stars: *Complex, ability to changes time, densest shit ever in the universe* Blackhole: I suck everything and the most powerful thing in universe

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    The Sailor Moon reference....EVERYTHING.

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    8:06 That was cruel

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    You have to be a seriously brainwashed idiot to believe a neutron star exists.

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    @Robert Devino ok, can you show me an article or journal that argues against them?

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    @Doughey Its hard to say which is worse. Gravity centric cosmoligists, or flat earthers??? Gees!

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    @Doughey you can go see a pulsar. But there are more rational explanations for them that are pure fantasy and whimsy!

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    But they do? You can observe them if you want at an Observatory.

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    This channel is amazing

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    The death of something magestic…

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    The best part about neutron stars is the extra fsd range

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    Hey do you want a ice cube or a neutron cube “Neutron cube” Me when I drink my cold water: *I am now the water*

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    Just like Finn said DOO YOU NOT GET IT WE WERE BORN TO DIE

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    So, realistically Mario Galaxy should've ended with a neutron star and not a black hole.

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    Could you guys stop animating so well? I’m losing interest in real life

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    does it include the dog?

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    So if neutron stars aren’t fusing anything then how do they produce energy in the form of the light that we see?

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    so does a neutron star die?

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    Creation of the universe explained in 8:40 minutes

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    Are black holes just stars with gravity so strong that their own light can't escape it.

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    Sort of, the difference is they were somehow crushed down to an infinitely small and .therefore infinitely dense point called a singularity. Nobody knows how this happens

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    How do you pronounce the name of the channel?

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    5:57 why do many neutron stars make pair with another?

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    4:47 a big singular mass of protons and neutrons formed into one singular mass

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    "neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe" cant be more than extreme feminists i bet

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    Some would say black holes are simply types of neutron stars.

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    How can I make graphics like this . Any tool suggestions please

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    This guys speech always hurt my brain

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    "the imposion bounces off the iron core producing a shockwave, what remains is a neutron start" what happens to the iron core? it becomes a neutron star because of the collapse?

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    You slid into that promo at the end so smoothly

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    A star only has to die once to produce elements up to iron, and a neutron star collision is required for heavy elements. That’s WHY those heavy elements are so rare.

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    Kurzgesagt could probably explain how a vacuum cleaner works and I’d still be interested

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    Now for the most human question: can we blow it up?

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    The entire video i was thinking of Elite Dangerous' "Neutron Highway"

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    maybe the strange matter is the key to warpdrive

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    Another incredible video, thank you! Also, who else really wants 5:56 as a poster..???

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    Nuclear Pasta, the real world version of Adamantium.

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    The fact that we watched this for free is amazing

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    1:55 Mjolnir is forged!? oh...well i guess that is exciting too..

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    "Pasta is the strongest material in the universe." Mario: *so long gay bowser.*

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    I want a knife made from neutron star. It will be the best one ever.

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    Do you mean that our ancestors are neutron stars ( scientifically )

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    6:40 stars had to die twice to made the universe we know and love 😌👏🏻👏🏻😁👌🏻

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    i don’t want to know that all it takes for the world to end is one cheeky bloke of strange matter to come around

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    That ballerina is just sailor moon

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    So two massive celestial beings crash into eachother creating an incredible and unfathomable event in which elements are formed and thrown across the galaxy, and someone decides to make a pocket pussy out of said elements

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    So your telling me the way the earth got rich with heavy elements is by neutron stars orbiting eachother and exploding? The lengths you people will go to to avoid saying God did it and hiding behind we dont know everything.

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    science never said god does not exist, I believe in god and also our great mother but I am not part from any doctrine and yet I believe that god created science so whats the problem you have with believing that science exist?

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    i mean it's possible that's true but it could also be other things smashing into each other

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    6:52 this is the nebular theory for pierre simon laplace that assumed that the solar system originated from a big gaseous sphere called nebula that by the effect of gravity and time cooled and took a disc shape then these cooled masses formed orbits around the nucleus that remained hot and shiny that still exists for millions of years till this day and for some others till it expands forming a white dwarf and eats literally all the solar system and our planet and all the mankind unless we invade the universe and the nearby planets

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    How does carbon fuse into neon and neon into oxygen?? Neon has a bigger atomic mass than oxygen, so it should be the other way around, isn't it??

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    Is nuclear pasta the same thing as neutronium google doesn’t feel like telling me

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    0:33 cheese

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    al tarik

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    Do you think that someone made your house, even though you have never seen them? The house is the evidence of the builder. Same with this universe. It had a beginning, therefore it had to have a cause. And that cause, is God. This universe could not have created itself. So do you think God cares about how we live? If He has given us morality so that we have set up a system of law with courts and judges, how much more would the supreme ruler of the universe demand justice? Have you ever lied, stolen the smallest thing or thought a rude thought? If these were the things God would judge us by, would He find us innocent or guilty? The answer? Guilty. Sinning against an infinite authority figure brings infinite punishment. Hell. So how can we stop going to hell? Does doing good deeds take away our sins? If I get a speeding ticket in the morning, then do 5 good things, should the judge let me go free? No, the fine has to be paid. What about asking for forgiveness? If a criminal stands before a judge and says, I'm really sorry... Should the judge let him go free? No, because that would be a bad judge. If he forgave every criminal because he loved them, that would not be doing justice. Justice has to be paid. God is merciful, but not so at the expense of justice. The only way we can go to heaven is if someone pays our hell punishment for us. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life and then took all of God's wrath for our sins upon Himself on the cross. Since Jesus paid 100% of our sins, there is none left for us to pay. Our punishment has been paid and we get off free. Justice has been paid and Gods mercy has been upheld. Our good deeds don't save us. Nor do they contribute anything to our salvation. Jesus paid it all. Just acknowledge your sins, and accept this gift of Jesus Christ to go to heaven. To learn more about God. Read the Bible. It's available free online. Read the gospel of John first.

  • Wyattt


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    @scarmack :D Whatever created the matter has to be eternal. Otherwise that cause too would be subject to the second law of thermodynamics, would have had a beginning and therefore needed a cause too. All space, matter and energy of this universe (and other claimed universes) is subject to this. So that rules out everything as being the first cause. As there would just be nothingness (pure nothingness). On the other hand, God is God over time, space and matter. In the beginning (time), God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter).

  • scarmack :D

    scarmack :D

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    @Wyattt something must have created the matter, yes, but to say that proves gods exists isn't true. It could be many, many things

  • Wyattt


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    @Ozone I'd say more along the lines of being impossible. If you saw a spaceship in space, how sure would you be that someone built it? The universe is more far more complex than a spaceship. Someone created this universe. That is the only scientific explanation. To say the universe got here by nothing happening to nothing, is sticking your head in the sand and saying 'please, please....'. But it will always be scientifically impossible. The creator sets the laws of this universe. We have all done wrong. How can we be made right with that creator? By His mercy alone. He made up for our shortfall by sending Jesus Christ who took our punishment for our wrongs on the cross. We can only merely accept that gift to go to heaven.

  • Ozone


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    @Wyattt its a theory with very little evidence, but to me it seems the most likely

  • Wyattt


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    @Ozone What caused these multiverses into existence? what caused gravity? All this still needs an eternal first cause. These arguments are still saying that you believe the universe came out of nothing by nothing.

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    “No one knows for sure, and that’s why we do science” Brilliantly put. So much more respect when we can openly admit we don’t know something.

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    I sure hope there’s no strange matter in these

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    You idiot, there is no such thing as a neutron star, neutrons can not be packed together so densely.

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    And you know that how? By watching some other youtube video? Neutron Stars are already an old discovery, and the entire Neutron/Electron/Proton system is just a tool we humans use to make all that stuff easier to understand. "neutrons can not be packed together so densely" Seriously, who knows what neutrons can do or not, or where the limit is, etc. Most of the stuff we know today might be proved wrong tomorrow.

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    "Making even crazier space dust!"

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    "We are made up of elements left by Neutron Stars." *Glad to be a descendant of Neutron Stars*

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    All stars, in every form are extreme. Even brown dwarfs will CRUSH you if you get too close. Neutron stars are just insane. You'll spaghettify and literally gravitate into it 1/2 the speed of light.