The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

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The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations


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    black holes are entirly theory in nature there hard to find and even see scientists themselves have stated that and there is no way to actually study them even the theory of light is trapped forever we dont know anything actually about them and physicists state this stuff all the time everything we think we know is observational theory so much so that the great physicist hawking who you know came up with hawking radiation said cern would create a black hole and kill us showing that he didnt even know how they are created and further showing that everything we think we know about them is theory there are even some modern scientists that think out supermassive black hole isnt really a black hole as we cant observe it what so ever meaning its a theory that galexies have supermassive black holes in the center there are entire papers published by scientists and physicist who work in the feild about these things what da math has some great sources and videos even on this if u dig for them long enogh :)

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    @Gunby ky1ky3ykj35lyl3kyl25kt2k2lylyj25kylk4y2ly3u2yylk422k2yl2ylk3ylj1

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    @Gunby Kalil llullkll3k5lllllllllllllll2k353kk23k522lklkjlu

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    Is there a game that is about that?

  • Matthieu Paty
    Matthieu Paty10 timmar sedan

    So if we replicated a black hole we could harvest it’s energy to explore the cosmos at light speed? Dope

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    boom! i mean BANG! ...

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    5:20 me seeing 2 iconic rats be like🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Hetyowati Rosmarini
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    5.20 me seeing 2 iconic rats be like 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    Is die every enemy universe

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    I want to know what will happen if we're blowing up the all nuclear bomb on earth😬

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    They already did that video

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    soooo... Halo?

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    What if you enter past the event horizon but have a rope attached? Then get pulled out. Or the same but throw a video camera in there attached to a rope?.

  • The Cryptic Cryptek

    The Cryptic Cryptek

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    You're just gonna lose the rope and whatever's attached to it Not even electronic signals can escape

  • Everything and a lot more
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    Me when you saw black holes are spinning: think i know that

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    0:21 protoss lol

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    *SUN IS EVOLVING* *pokemon evolution music plays* [Sun evolved into a blac̴̢̧̲͉̈̅͒̄͋̏͂̊k̵̢̛̟̦̰̫̍̒͊̽̓̒̿̓̔ ̷͈̪̃̉h̷̛̼̊̀́͗͑̋̄̍͠ͅǫ̸̞͖͚̓͌́̐̔͂ĺ̵̛̻̥̯͖͈͇̰̟̻̌͐̇́͐̄̿͠è̶̛͓̖̩̜̝̫̞̹̪̺̯͖̺̆̀̄̌̊̔͐̍́̊̄̆̚

  • Starflight
    Starflight3 dagar sedan

    6:40 By the prophets, they've figured out how the Halo array was made

  • The Final Difficultyify [Yusef Abraham]
    The Final Difficultyify [Yusef Abraham]4 dagar sedan

    “Bouncing around between mirror and getting stronger“ *-what a amazing tonge twister-*

  • Robbie8
    Robbie84 dagar sedan

    Why doesn't any theory include what we are taught by God? As open minded scientists must be by their own definitions, why not? Is their nobody out there willing to try? A bit sad I reckon!

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    4 dagar sedan

    Because they are scientists, not pastors. Science can never get together with faith. Science is fact, religion is faith.

  • Robbie8


    4 dagar sedan

    If the person who tried succeeded to PROVE that which has not up till now, WELL, wouldn't that be good for science?

  • 6Red Comrade9
    6Red Comrade94 dagar sedan

    I like how they used to the protoss form SC2 in the start of the vid

    SUJATA PATRA4 dagar sedan

    More like black hole reactor because it gives us its energy when you open the windows

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    Is that Homer Simpson? 7:02

  • Always Sleep
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    Still starcraft 2?

  • Rirtun Sasgi
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    The last remnants of life living around a black hole is such a great writing prompt or even book idea.

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    That was really cool!

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    I understand these and it makes sense

    ZYBRONIXOP YT5 dagar sedan

    Even if we can do this but we will need a lot of important resources and also lot of energy(we can by the sun) energy can be get easily but what about the mechanical sources like huge machinaries? just asking not corious

  • KönigHartzderIV.
    KönigHartzderIV.6 dagar sedan

    Imagine some aliens seeing some humans building a mirror around a black hole. Their where probably like :Wtf

  • KönigHartzderIV.
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    My brain: what if the black hole is angry about beeing scamed? Me: lol it's not alive My brain : how can you know? Me:

  • lotematu
    lotematu6 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't the exploding black hole release enough energy for a new sun? Like the gases and other material like the big bang?

  • The Cryptic Cryptek

    The Cryptic Cryptek

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    No It's just light and radiation U can't get any matter from that

  • lotematu


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    That could mean everything is a circle for living people to complete until the last black hole gets two small

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    te amo

  • Simon Electric
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    Is nobody going to comment on the fact that Pinky and the Brain are going to be the ones develop the black hole bomb? So cool and so scary

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    HOMER NNNNOOO!!!!!!!

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    this is Interstellar on science crack

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    Human = GOD 😂

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

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    We can be God in the far future. At least that isn't science-fiction.

  • RuralRocket 8713
    RuralRocket 87137 dagar sedan

    spinning black holes is my theory!

  • Rhupin Zuki
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    Black sheep wall

  • Snoogen11
    Snoogen117 dagar sedan

    Imagine being in a space ship, looking into space expecting to see stars, but instead it is a perfect blackness. You might see a light in the very distance, a sort of light house to find your way home. Terrifying but also beautiful.

  • Asd Zxc
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    My stomach is a black hole 😂😂

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    "...won't you come?"

  • Poornima Bharni
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    Wait. What if the black whole sucks the Giant mirror

  • RamChandra Varshney
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    Wouldn't the black hole swallow the Electro Magnetic Radiation ... After all he's not a picky eater😁

  • Trí Lâm Tăng
    Trí Lâm Tăng8 dagar sedan

    So if we can spin fast enough, we could f**k up the whole planet, break time and space and basically kill everything

  • C T W
    C T W8 dagar sedan

    Wai with all of this energy from the black hole bomb we could make a laser and shoot it at things

  • Young Archaeotech
    Young Archaeotech8 dagar sedan

    “This may be our last hope.” Humanity: “maybe, but I’m certain I want those other humans over there dead.”

  • [ Toki ]
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    How could you envelop a black hole with a mirror without it just sucking the mirror in

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    I know humanity we’re gonna turn it into a bomb

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    "What are we doing today?" - Pinky "A Black Hole Bomb" - The Brain.

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    And like you know everything? At least this has been half confirmed.

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    I’m guessing know one else saw the halo reference

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    Dam wish I could actually afford brilliant

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    Why ducks

  • CC Komreed
    CC Komreed9 dagar sedan

    Why ducks

    PRIYANSHU BHANJA9 dagar sedan

    Question: How do we extract the rotational energy of blackholes.

  • elena stundiene

    elena stundiene

    8 dagar sedan

    You give it mass. This makes you escape the "wave pool", while still carrying the boost.

  • Lemon Pie
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    "How to steal energy from a monster" Black hole: M- monster?

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    i just heard a Birb scream as it got flushed down a toilet

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    Science Teacher: The inter-diamensional black hole kills everything in the Big Bang Students head: The Black Kills Everything BANG!

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    Is see another Charles the French fan?

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    The pinky and the brain. One is a genius, the other is insane!

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    00:19 is that a Nexus and some Probes?

  • CapitalGerm
    CapitalGerm9 dagar sedan

    I think a black hole transport all things into a different dimension. So if we are in dimension 12 and i get sucked into a black hole I’ll be sent into dimension 13, and the Big Bang is really the exit of that black hole

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    3 dagar sedan

    @CapitalGerm Correct.

  • CapitalGerm


    3 dagar sedan

    @Rudraksh Sharma i don’t think any black hole theories can be proven. No one can come out

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    3 dagar sedan

    @CapitalGerm A lot of theories can and will be proven in the future. Yours just can't.

  • CapitalGerm


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    @Rudraksh Sharma none can

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    3 dagar sedan

    @CapitalGerm OH. Well, your theory won't be able to be proven.

  • Jacob Dittmer
    Jacob Dittmer9 dagar sedan

    Black hole: ill never be able to financially recover from this

  • NostalgicMonkey
    NostalgicMonkey9 dagar sedan

    So what this video taught me is that future civilizations will build a Halo ring that orbits a deadly black hole trapped in a mirror while harvesting its energy. Got it.

  • Amogh Shetty
    Amogh Shetty9 dagar sedan

    So could we revive the dying universe at the end by building a big bomb out a black hole and having it explode? The exploded material would eventually recreate the universe.

  • The Cryptic Cryptek

    The Cryptic Cryptek

    9 dagar sedan

    U can't rebuild matter from light and radiation Even if u could a singular black hole that we can cover with a big mirror wouldn't contain enough material for an entire universe

  • gugunanak134
    gugunanak13410 dagar sedan

    Accepting our fate is the easier way out of the puzzle of life

  • Brendan Orellana
    Brendan Orellana10 dagar sedan

    I love the sinister music. Is there a name? For the music that plays at 7:24 ?

  • Void 00
    Void 0010 dagar sedan

    If the last civilization in the future would be so advanced why not make an artificial star and harvest its energy instead. It would be much easier and safer.

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    where is your shop?

  • BoneHawk1
    BoneHawk110 dagar sedan

    Could you use the light waves from the black hole bomb as propulsion?

  • BoneHawk1
    BoneHawk110 dagar sedan

    Am I in the ergosphere of the giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way?

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

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    4:21 welcome Scam bird

  • Mohan Krishna Reddy Nandarapu
    Mohan Krishna Reddy Nandarapu11 dagar sedan

    I Thought The Spinning Top Was A Reference from Inception

  • kuba dołgowski
    kuba dołgowski11 dagar sedan

    So we can create a Halo ring

  • Kuldeep Shekhawat
    Kuldeep Shekhawat11 dagar sedan

    How will it accelerate em waves if they are already moving at speed of light

  • The Cryptic Cryptek

    The Cryptic Cryptek

    9 dagar sedan

    It's just a metaphor It's not actually accelerating You're just adding more energy

  • Kane
    Kane11 dagar sedan

    Of course you're a protoss. Jk?

    THAT RACOON11 dagar sedan

    3:23 What about going 99.99% the speed of light?

  • Wolfheart


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    Still useless since u need to be faster than light

  • Derp Corp.
    Derp Corp.11 dagar sedan

    I'm using this concept in a game now.

  • Mario87456
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  • Mario87456


    3 dagar sedan

    @Rudraksh Sharma There is only one black hole picture and that is not in the center of the Milky Way so no I don’t have to proof it you know nothing you hear me NOTHING!

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    3 dagar sedan

    @Mario87456 Do you have any proof? Because the scientists do. We literally took a photo of it.

  • Mario87456


    3 dagar sedan

    @Rudraksh Sharma Oh I know what they are being basically big strong objects that suck in everything to the point that not even light can escape it. Regardless one doesn’t have to be a expert that there is NO BLACK HOLE IN THE MILKY WAY!

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    3 dagar sedan

    @Mario87456 Do you know anything about black holes? Are you an ASTRO-Physicist? Are you anybody?

  • Mario87456


    3 dagar sedan

    @Rudraksh Sharma No scientists can’t prove it because we would be all dead by now if there was one.

  • butter moth
    butter moth11 dagar sedan

    So would building the mirror stop Hawking radiation? Since the radio waves are feeding the black hole, and the mirror would catch/reflect the radiation that escapes

  • I eat cats
    I eat cats12 dagar sedan

    How about we AVOID DOING THIS,?

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    4 dagar sedan

    Why? It may be the last source of energy we might have.

  • Floofy Gargoyle
    Floofy Gargoyle12 dagar sedan

    Blackhole = vore?

    DIG BICK HAVER12 dagar sedan


  • Dino's Sanbox
    Dino's Sanbox12 dagar sedan

    how to get unlimited energy step 1: go to space (bro tip: use magnets to get there faster) step 2: find a black hole step 3: surround the black hole in mirrors and fire an electro magnet wave in step 4: wait this isnt a black hole step 5: realise its gonna explode so you run away step 6: TOO LATE 2494, september 21 "the big bang incident"

  • Shad IzAYTFriend
    Shad IzAYTFriend12 dagar sedan

    Okay hear me out this is just a crazy thing i thought of but. What if inside those black holes are actually universes? And what if OUR universe actually came from another black hole thst formed after a big explosion.. explaining the BIG BANG? And the formation of a black hole in our universe is the formation of another universe hence making an infinite loop and further making our curiosity think about when the FIRST actual big bang happened and when the first universe was actually created. Ik its crazy but let me know your thoughts!

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    4 dagar sedan

    Interesting. But it's just another theory. We can't prove any of these theories, even if they are interesting.

  • Inthe Flow
    Inthe Flow12 dagar sedan

    Black Holes are soooooo fucking awesome and so freaking incredible.

  • Juneseo Gaming
    Juneseo Gaming12 dagar sedan

    I like how they put starcraft reference while explaining about black holes

  • BraySauce
    BraySauce12 dagar sedan

    So in theory if we could get something to orbit it rapidly and then we put a wire ring around it we could produce infinite energy we could infinitely harvest and not weaken the black hole

  • Shanni Huang
    Shanni Huang12 dagar sedan

    This is insane! You can steal energy from a black hole and build a civilization lasting trillions of years! What about stealing all the energy of 5 black holes, probably 10? Or even 100! We could possibly build a civilization to last far after the universe is reborn.

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    4 dagar sedan


  • Cracken
    Cracken12 dagar sedan

    00:18 I like Protoss resemblance...

  • Crazy Tactician
    Crazy Tactician12 dagar sedan

    Monster Hunter Crafting Sound. Ha!

  • FracturedFungi
    FracturedFungi12 dagar sedan

    thanks to the cameraman for taking these awesome pictures

  • janitorfromheck
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  • 01000100
    0100010013 dagar sedan

    how is that after 3 years i finaly got the starcraft reference

  • Canadian Dream
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    Its like stealing from a blackhole

  • Tateo
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    getting drunk and watching kurzgesagt is really somthing else

  • Elisa Novelo
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  • Ludalomade
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    Btw i looooooove the way that you say Ergosphere 😩satisfied 100%

  • David Jarrah
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    The tacky acknowledgment systemically call because veil presently shade since a depressed pediatrician. shut, waiting ferryboat

  • Saint Hades
    Saint Hades14 dagar sedan

    Even if we harvest energy from a black hole. We will eventually die becuz after the end of the universe, we might not have resources becuz everything will start to decay.

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    4 dagar sedan

    Well, yeah. Even Black Holes have a lifespan. They will die one day too.