The Most Gruesome Parasites - Neglected Tropical Diseases - NTDs

There are a group of parasites extremely disgusting and mean. Humanity declared war on them.

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    Despite this effort, many will say that the pharma companies have done this to subjugate people and destroy lives around the world. Indeed, to those determined to delude themselves, the fact that this video was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a bit of a smoking gun.

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    I am not here to voice my opinion here this isn’t the type of video for that or comment for that just food for thought I apologize if you feel like an opinion has been stated. And I know I am 4 years old on this video sorry for that one. Before watching this video if someone asked do you believe all species should be saved and all species have inherent value in simply being not extinct? What would have have said and why? After watching the video would your opinion and answer to this question change or stay the same why would it be that way? In the United States of America 🇺🇸 the endangered species act says that a species is valuable just because it is. All endangered species in the USA 🇺🇸 should be saved from extinction. The US government even gives funding to save species internationally with the understanding you cant save everything. There’s a species of parasites that was on the Californian Condor a bird that almost went extinct only a few Californian Condors were left at one point. Conservationists brought them all into captivity. In doing so they found a species of harmless parasites that ONLY lived in the backs of the Californian Condor. However that wasn’t known at the time (I think). In doing so the conversationists made that parasitic species extinct. Would they have done anything different if they knew it was harmless and only lived on the backs of the Californian Condor? One has to wonder if the species would still be around today had they had known it was harmless and only found on the backs of the Californian Condor? For sake of not feeling like I left facts out it’s almost certain that both the parasites on the backs of the Californian Condors and the Californian Condors would be extinct had the Californian Condors not been brought into captivity. There’s another thing I want to tell you about there’s a species of fish and a species of parasite and some insects near both. (I don’t temper where this is what the fish insects and or parasite is but it’s all real) What do they all have in common? Remove one and they all die! The insects are infected by the parasite that parasite makes the insects jump into the river to get eaten by the fish the fish poop out the parasite and round the cycle goes. It’s estimated that the parasite infected insects provide around 80% of the fishes food. I could be wrong but the fish I think are food for other things as well. Some other questions I want to ask you. The parasites in this video are living species the endangered species act says all species should be protected because all species are valuable simply because they are what if these species were in the US how would they be affected by the endangered species act? (Let’s assume it still got passed for this first question) Do you think if they were in the US and native to the US they would have had still passed the endangered species act in its current form? If not do you believed they would have passed it at all? Do you believe that if they had passed it in its current form anyways they would turn a blind eye to the extinction of them? Before reading this comment but after watching this video if someone asked do you believe all species should be saved and all species have inherent value in simply being not extinct? What would have have said and why? After reading this comment would your opinion and answer to this question change or stay the same why would it be that way?

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    Dracun Coliosis is still there. The cases in humans are only going less and less because of education of the people. They only drink cooked or filtered water. The infected water is still drunk by animals which still spread the disease. And the worms are still sound and safe and live a happy worm life. (Only the ones catched by filters or cooked to death are not so happy) So

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