Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?


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    I dribk milk everyday hoping ro grow taller

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    Also, make a video on A1 and A2 milk as it's said that milk only from Indigenous Cows of India i.e. A2 milk is the Best milk for humans as it has A2 protein in it. Milk from any other variety of Cows and Buffaloes is bad for health. There is also a book written by scientists on this named "Devil in the Milk" which talks about this. However apart from A2 milk, ship, goat and camel milk is also considered to be very good for health. But the Best Milk is A2 milk from Indigenous Cows of India that's why Cow's of India are called as mother and considered very Holy. Even ancient Texts of India talks about the Importance of Indian Cows and they are still worshipped everywhere in India.

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    I hate milk and milk hates me

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    Another interesting thing to consider is that in places like the US, dairy has actually become a main source of iodine for people. Since the early 1900s, salt fortified with iodine filled that niche, but idiodized salt has fallen out of culinary favor, supplanted by Kosher salt. Adam Ragusea did a very informative video on the topic. Of course, iodine can be thrown into basically anything, and there's no reason that salt with large crystals can't be fortified with iodine, but things as they are, dairy products are king.

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    I love how you include the harm dairy industry is causing in the last. Your videos are great. Keep it up.

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    I drink milk every day twice a day at Night and morning lol

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    Milk us milk

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    Hahahahahahah soy ''milk'' makes you produce estrogen and makes you weaker hahahahahahaha what a joke this channel is.

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    Oh yeah it is definitely milk production that causes the pollution not industrial society. I would rather see this world burn in fire than give up drinking milk. Fuck you kurzgesat

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    Milk? I call it “Mommy Milker Juice.”

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    6:27 I like how this vegetarian is being depicted as a generic hipster hahah

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    0:06 ypu ment “drink” not “food”

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    Hmm, and better life 1 star then? (May be only in the netherlands tho)

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    Milk from cows that ate natural grass taste much better than factory made milks. As mongolian Im telling from experience. Factory milks taste bland compared to milk from cows that roam around in the field of grass.

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    I'm not drinking soy milk, thanks.

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    Milk gang after the title: *angryyyyyyyyyyyy*

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    Just get good milk. Like grass fed free range organic stuff

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    I cant drink regular milk ._.

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    M drinking milk n i got this video in recommendation wtf youtube

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    I drink alot of milk but i still healthy.

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    Dani: What the THICC is this!?

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    My father went out to get milk, and he never came back. I guess milk is just that venomous.

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    Now bring it on your own 😂!

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    Perhaps my milk allergy is a blessing in disguise. I havent been getting as much acne as I used to get before I was allergic.

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    You mention cows take up about 33% of crop consumption. However please note that 90% of the crops they consume are NOT human edible

  • Tom 441

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    Your on the right track, but I’m sure the cow would eat more than 90% non human edible food. Like 100 % in most cases

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    IGF-1 is highly concentrated in milk and subsequently cheese, and metastudies showed that it correlates to various types of cancer. Why is this part omitted here?

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    Hello, could you please link a source/sources? I am interested in this topic and want to educate myself better. I do not know the locations to find good peer reviewed studies.

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    Me not drinking milk: which side am i even on

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    A cow watched with me when screamed then ran away from me

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    I should share one secret with humanity - actually, EVERYTHING on earth can cause cancer. Meat, tea, coffee, everything on this damn planet may cause cancer! Why? Well, you may notice, that instruction for every drug you buy has a huge list of side effect's, that you never notice, like a diarrhea and heat from aspirin. The reason, why every drug has this mess in instruction is simple - people just include every side effect, that appears just once for 1 person among 1000 men after countless tests. Even if the drug may not cause this effect. This is just a duty of companies - add any side effect, that appears in front of them after countless tests and experiments on people. The situation with cancer the same. Tea may cause the cancer. That's what journalists say, but that is not true at all. Not only tea, but a drinking of any hot liquid may cause cancer of throat. And, actually, not the drinking of hot liquid, but an often regeneration of throat skin, MAY cause cancer. So, after all, nor tea nor coffee not a real reason of cancer, but they are still marked as "product's, that may cause the cancer".

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    I'd say buy milk If possible from farmers markets or straifht form a farm

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    Dani: angry screaming

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    When you start pushing political messages is when I stop watching

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    In my country, we produce milk by letting the cows roam free and training them to come in to the milking sheds to be milked, then they are let back out to their fields.

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    M lucky I drink milk 🥛🥛 a day

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    i realy love milk

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    i like soya milk

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    every morning i drink one glass of milk then i head off to work to cut up cows pigs an chickens for my city lmao

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    Dani would be furious

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    my sister eats at least one cereal bowl almost everyday and she always complains about how acnes on her face never go away it makes sense now why, also she only likes 0.5% milk. I showed this to her and now she says how can she live anymore :D

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    Luke skywalker drinks green milk 🙃

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    I can’t drink milk or eat eggs, I always vomit.

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    @Утверждать доминирование No i have no school rn i have just taken exams days ago and i have no better things to do

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    @devada.mp4 I barely have time to use youtube though and this was random. On the other hand you reply so instantaneously. Does your job involve checking the expiration dates of memes? Lmao

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    @Утверждать доминирование No you're probably the lifeless one by commenting cringe at random people comments😭😭😭

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    @devada.mp4 ​ Not trying to be funny though Homie yo life must be so sad that you got so defensive by a comment and you think "dead" jokes are objective in and of itself, has a depreciating value and must be used accordingly with time lmao

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    @Утверждать доминирование saying cringe at anything and vomiting overused dead memes doesnt make you funny lmao

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    Tbh if milk is poison, alcohol is radioactive.

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    dani would like to know ur location

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    Got to love this ❤

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    Food for thought!! When animal are weened ..... Do They ever costume milk after that!?!? So why are we.!?!?!!! Mother's milk for the baby is the strength of the baby! Why are they having babies drink formula???!! Formula is making babies sick!!! Research what it does to the baby!

  • Dünyanın en büyük ahlaksızlığı 32. videomda.
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    Milk is animal abuse. Watch dairy is scary on SEblack.

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    Didn't ask

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    Bad bait

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    My great grandma is 93 in she drinks a gallon of milk in like a couple weeks I think and she’s healthy just needs a walker and need watching over all the time but she almost can’t remember anything though

  • Coarse Lexicon
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    Some milk contains A1 Casein which can cause inflammation (especially negatively effecting gut health) and is linked to Diabetes.

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    Farmer 1: Hey dude, see that cow drinking that titty milk? Farmer 2: Yea? Farmer 1: Imma join. Farmer 2: WAIT WAIT DO- Farmer 1: DUUUDDDDEEE, this tastes gooooooodddd.

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    @Ok OK....

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    Your adopted...

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    Me who drinks powdered milk: *nervous sweating*

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    you know what else is powdered 😈😈😈??? baby powder o_o

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    Wanna know why u drink it? It's because it tastes good with cereal instead of eating it without milk. Also I heard its healthy

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    Milk is a gazillion billion dollar industry.......of course it's not gonna cause cancer. 😉

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    nice i laughed

  • Matthew Bergeron
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    Milk also tastes like shit, regardless of percent. If you're in a 1st world country we are literally blessed with options of vastly more tasty things, that do the same, if not a better, job than milk does. In the end it doesn't make sense for modern society to keep going back to a source of gross liquid that contributes to climate change and promotes inhumane practices. I get it if you need to survive or keep you're child alive, but if that's not really a risk, then I don't see a point in going back to it time and again. It feels more like people arguing based on opinions they inherited, and not ones they formulated on their own, using their own brain. Im not even a vegan or anything like that but milk is just con after con in my eyes. I mean just the overall conversion of feed to milk is awful. Cows have an awful turn over of this so it's really not sustainable. Furthermore it has a significantly shorter shelflife, further reducing itt's usefulness. Even if you weren't lactose intolerant, it's still not 10/10 for your digestion, since there are other non-lactose ingrendients that can cause stomach pain or gas. And it's so sugar dense that adding it to cereal or having along side a meal is just too much. Milk is kind of like the jack of all trades, yet master of none, since if you go out looking for anything, you'll always find a better source to get it from. Milk is the option you use for survival, or if you just don't want to think about something basic for a half second, so you go with a low risk, low reward that milk provides. I don't think it's inherently bad for you, just that it's not worth consuming, based on literally everything else we have at our disposals

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    Its tasty tho

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    0:28 funny reference of the dutch

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    i dont get it

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    Could you do a video series on mental health? Interested what you can find about ADD medication and how it actually works in our bodies.

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    Dude this video is utterly amazing

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    I was watching this and somehow in the middle of this i got a milk ad.

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    Even so I can drink soy milk.

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    Me watching this after drinking milk

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    Greqt video

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    Try to spell the channels name without looking at it twice.

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    2:15 辱華警告

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    Sponsored by the milk industry

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    Kurzgesagt is the few people who can give somone a mental crisis while calming them back down in an instant

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    Muck. Dani fans anyone?

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    Me That Likes Milk And Lives In Southeast Asia:AAAAAAAAAA >:(

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    Simple Don't play with nature Don't genetically modified cows

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    Me casually eating a bowl of cereal😳

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    Pelo Planeta

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    Dani stans: listen here you little ******

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    3:48 welp i'll be getting prostate cancer anyways so whatever (My grandpa, great grandpa, great great grandpa and so on, all died from prostate cancer. But medicine might make me survive it POG)

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    Meet the scout

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    wow he 0=-=0 lol and good 🐥🐤👼🐣🍼👆👇👈👉🤚👎💰🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️

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    Facts about milk: It's for baby cows. The act of taking it from the cows is a perverted act that has evolved into full blown massive scale rape and we've normalised our children to it. The reason it makes you feel good and warm and fuzzy is because of something called Casein, that's found in dairy. This is clearly naturally there to soothe the offspring. In a cow's case, a large offspring. Casein attaches to the same receptors in your brain as morphine, heroin etc. It's an opiate. Imagine the amount of it in a dinosaurs milk. You'd be f*d off your tree. If you hassled your mother for milk right now so you can feel soothed she'd tell you to bugger off because breast feeding beyond infancy is unnecessary and she's got better things to do. Unless she's a freak then, carry on, and introduce me please. Abusing and stealing so we can all feel that soothed feeling is selfish and abhorrent. It's technically no different (actually it's much worse but whatever) to stealing money off someone so you can buy drugs. Or stealing someone's car or wallet or phone. We haven't been able to use the term animal husbandry for a long time because there's no favour we're doing for the animals in return. All their natural predators are dead. Some of them are even extinct. It is nothing more than a junk food / drug industry these days pawning ice cream spreadables and chocolate to children. In a survival situation, if you find a cow and get in on that titty sucking with the calves, you'd feel like a weirdo, even if you had to do it. The industry puts so much money into making you think it is not a weird act at all to consume another species' milk. And even more money into trying to convince youths and adults alike that it is all the circle of life and the cows give the milk willingly and live happy lives. Even on a farm where they care for the animals aswell as fondling them raping them and taking their milk, the animal is still sent off to slaughter, because hey, burials are expensive and time consuming, we can make a couple thousand for selling an old heffa for meat ;)) In the dairy industry, cows are raped as soon as they're physically able to and killed or sold off to be killed as soon as they can't stand or their milk production is crippled in any way. In contrast, if we were to do that to humans, we'd be raping 8-9 year old girls, and then killing their withered, infected and abused bodies off to be slaughtered by the age of about 15-20. I've just thrown out numbers based on what I remember here, feel free to go look up the actual ages cows are raped and deemed unfit for service. It's not that far off. They live naturally til about 25, in the industry they are killed when they're still children in comparison. My Opinion: It's disgusting and we're a bunch of addicted, abusive children for continuing to do this to the cows. The internet is like the Library of Alexandria mk2 and instead of using it to explore the reams of evidence, studies and statistics that show we don't need milk to survive, people are looking up videos of cats falling / knocking off things. The happy cow on the packaging is enough for them because the product behind it has f**king opium in it and that overpowers people's will to look into this more. If the packaging says it's okay then it's okay, we are so easily lulled into the state of mind they want so they can sell things to us, it's embarrassing. If people spent a few minutes on the internet they could also find a plethora of really good and tasty alternatives. Like Oatly's Barista blend. It's thick, creamy, froths up if you shake it up, and can be used in recipes in place of milk aswell as on cereal and for a drink. You have to wonder how much of people arguing against those who try to open their eyes to the horrors and evils of dairy, are arguing because they're hooked on an opiate and don't wanna quit taking it. The way people declare their love for cheese and ice cream, yeah it seems pretty apparent to me that that's at least half of why people don't wanna quit. And the older people get in this false bubble of complacency / addiction, the harder it is for them to break out of it to accept the truths. Might not be a fact: In the 1800s, there's a story of a nobleman who died during a massive fire because he went back into his house to get his wheel of italian cheese. lol. I dunno my dad told me it when I was little I always found it funny that he was ready to lay down his life for a wheel of parmesan. His wife must have been ugly af.

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    milk gang dosen't like that video

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    That’s the push i needed ... *i will never drink milk again unless it comes out of a lady’s tits , preferably a milf* ✋🏻

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    @Abdallah Amin ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻☺️

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    Lmao This is the spirit everybody needs to have

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    ''They eat useless and abundant stuff'' -kurzgesagt

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    ayy kurzgesagt is milk gang?

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    Why we drink it anyway *Because we can't eat it*

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    Can't imagine what did the first guy who drink milk do..

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  • Cawe Coy Rodrigues Marega
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    1:05 As far as I know the images doesn't represent our ancestrors, I thought we had a majority plant-based diet in the past and meat was instroduced recently... almost the inverse of what is shown.

  • boy Afrika
    boy Afrika8 dagar sedan

    As an african from an ethnic group that raises cattles, I'm completely confused. Most of our grandparents are only able to consume milk as they grow cause they can't eat anymore and we have a very long lifespan, a good number exceeding 100+ years, we are also not fat at all, we are also taller than average. Men standing 6'2 and women around 5'9. If anything milk is a blessings in our culture. The only difference is that our grandparents and parents were less exposed to factory farmed cows and their products. They raised our local type of cows called "Inyambo" they produce high quality milk but low quantity

  • FarzBZ 987
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    6:26 dude you haven't talked about plant milk at that time, and the milk that guy picked is a cow milk, I bet a lot of vegans is mad right now lmao

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    vegetarian and vegan is different dude

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    He said VEGETARIAN not VEGAN , the two are different

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    conclusion: human who adapt to disease and overdose of posion become the new human race

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    lol, and of course not a word that the quality of store milk is getting worse every year, it consists of low-quality palm fat, at least in certain countries

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    The only reason I don’t drink milk anymore is because of my acne prone skin. I used to love this beverage

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    Who else know Dani

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    The argument on brittle bones, which is usually the most general statement against drinking milk as an adult, was not covered at all.

  • Kenneth Dean

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    @DJsliverr agreed, happy to help!

  • DJsliverr


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    @Kenneth Dean thanks missed that, although it didnt conclude anything really

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    4:29 for reference

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    Majority of milk is just poison now.

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    Next video. there were obese humans BEFORE agriculture?

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    my Syndrome of Peter Pan: drink milk again and again 😂😂