An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

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Everybody is familiar with the feeling that things are not as they should be. That you are not successful enough, your relationships not satisfying enough. That you don’t have the things you crave.

In this video we want to talk about one of the strongest predictors of how happy people are, how easily they make friends and how good they are at dealing with hardship. An antidote against dissatisfaction so to speak: Gratitude.

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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    Ohai! For a change a few personal words. My name is Philipp and I started this channel almost seven years ago - you don’t know my voice but you have heard my words because I write most of our scripts. Oh boy. This was a hard video to make. Gratitude felt vaguely risky to do as a topic. It has this aura of cheap Instagram hashtag self help stuff. Some of you will hate this video deeply, and the thought of that made me pretty anxious writing it. Gratitude was not supposed to be a video topic originally. Just like the Nihilism and Loneliness videos, the script was based on personal struggles and part of the process of dealing with them. And so it felt right to make gratitude a video too. But Kurzgesagt is not a self help channel, so we'll keep this sort of content at roughly one or two per year. We hope they are helpful to some of you. If you care for my take on how to practice Gratitude, we made a Kurzgesagt Gratitude journal to combine the science with practical tips. Edit: PRE-ORDER is available again. Please note: You don’t need to buy this or anything else to practice gratitude - you only need a pen, a piece of paper and 5 minutes. Thank you for watching our videos and reading this comment. Being able to do Kurzgesagt means a lot. To me and the whole team. - Philipp

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