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  • Paul Yan Clayton
    Paul Yan Clayton18 timmar sedan

    on the map at 3:14 it highlighted the DPRK instead of the RoK

  • william henderson
    william henderson19 timmar sedan

    Another reason to hate Facebook

  • Mr xdgeworth The saviour
    Mr xdgeworth The saviour19 timmar sedan

    Phobos and Deimos. Where’s Sanford and Hank?

  • Trish Trash
    Trish Trash19 timmar sedan

    For some time I have also suspected that, since it is the most obvious, based on scientifically proven findings. (Google translated from the german version) - When people have lost their memories (e.g. in an accident), they have become completely different people. So who we are is largely based on what we have experienced, and when these memories are erased, one becomes a different person. This of course also means that if you copy a person 1: 1, with all his memories, you would have 2 identical but independent consciousnesses. - Sensory perceptions are filtered by our brain and related memories are added to it (like the memory of a person with a certain smell). Only then do we perceive it and make decisions based on it. This whole process of information processing, information evaluation and decision-making is so complex that you inevitably have to become aware of yourself. So we are "only" highly complex meat machines. Or we are a conscious part of a highly complex meat machine. If we were to create a highly complex, adaptive AI, it would also develop a consciousness. Becoming aware of yourself is "only" the result of complexity and the ability to learn. Be it machines, humans or other animals. - All cells in the body renew themselves. Without exception. So after some time we have "died", as in all old cells have died and "reborn", as in all cells have been renewed. Of course this is a smooth transition. But even though memories belong to a body that has long ceased to exist, we see them as part of us. So whether the memories belong to our present body makes no difference to our present consciousness. In childhood memories, we think we really lived through this. Even with memories that have been extremely distorted by trauma, we think that we have experienced it exactly that way, and that the consciousness at this fictional event / point in time was ours. If we were to send our consciousness 10 years into the future or into the past, it should not make any difference to the consciousness, it would still feel real. If our memories were exchanged, it would make just as little difference. - There are people with different personalities. So people with severe depressive phases have a depressed and a normal self. This distinction comes from the completely otherness of information processing and interpretation of the depressed ego, which the normal ego would never make or even consider (Disclaimer: Depression is more than "being sad", it is an illness that leads to the distortion of the Perception leads and has many faces). However, since both have the same memories, both I's are also real to consciousness. So if we were to change bodies, we would not even notice it if we did not take / keep part of our old memory. And there is my guess. We just don't get it mine. If we are absolutely certain that we lived through our childhood even though all we were left with is a distorted memory of a body that no longer exists, what makes life in another body illogical? But only that we have no memories of life. But the child's body and the consciousness associated with it no longer exist, only because we have memories of it does it become more real for us. Basically our consciousness dies in every new moment and is recreated as new information is presented and new thoughts are formed. Only by remembering previous moments and painting out future events do we get a feeling of a continuous life. "And why don't you think that the consciousness would cease to exist once the body dies and the consciousness no longer receives any new information?" That is also possible, but since I am absolutely sure with memories from childhood that "I" have experienced them with my consciousness, although this body has not existed for a long time and the memories are certainly flawed; "my" consciousness seems to still exist. Whether the consciousness is part of a body that emerged from the body of my childhood days / memories, or whether the consciousness belongs to a completely foreign body, should make no difference. I should experience both in the same way. Just with other memories.

  • Satish Chander Jha
    Satish Chander Jha19 timmar sedan

    'Ship of Theseus' Indian philosophical movie is made on a similar philosophical questions

  • runnyburrito96
    runnyburrito9619 timmar sedan

    Economy makes this impossible

  • Kirbo boi’s
    Kirbo boi’s19 timmar sedan

    You sound slightly sick

  • eXWoLL
    eXWoLL19 timmar sedan

    This is a pharma ad. And as every single "sponsored" video in this channel, it completely avoid talking about the cons or risks of whatever is chilled for. A critical point here, which was mentioned, is that bacteriophage evolve. And while in the body after killing their "prey", they can evolve to sitch onto a more available food in their environment - humans. This would possible create new human viruses.

  • Gamerz Club
    Gamerz Club19 timmar sedan

    Consciousness is the eyelid of the mind

  • Chief Tiger
    Chief Tiger19 timmar sedan

    It’s possible that there is no other life out in the universe. Think how rare earth must be, you need water, an atmosphere, distance from the sun but not too far, you need a planet like Jupiter to protect you from meteors, I could go on and on. We are quite possibly alone.

  • IrisAnimations_
    IrisAnimations_19 timmar sedan

    3:19 sus

  • Clarissa White
    Clarissa White19 timmar sedan

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  • mk
    mk19 timmar sedan

    'I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together'

  • nastaran b
    nastaran b19 timmar sedan

    the only result of this video for me was now i know i probably gonna die sooner and gets a lot of diseases

  • lousion 123
    lousion 12319 timmar sedan

    Immm deeaaad

  • Nunu Bomba
    Nunu Bomba19 timmar sedan

    We are creations. News flash. Physics proves their might be a God, and they named it an “technologically advanced entity”.

  • Michael Sanford
    Michael Sanford19 timmar sedan

    I'd like to know whot much does it cost??? $$$?

  • Sailor OnDaTea
    Sailor OnDaTea19 timmar sedan

    😂 "a colony of depressed humans"

  • clark capie
    clark capie19 timmar sedan

    Dude he makes the dinos look so cute and then they just die

  • Jt Duarte
    Jt Duarte19 timmar sedan

    Obviously this is a sarcastic video. I have to say it made me laugh every 20 seconds. Great job, guys!

  • Keneilwe Morodi
    Keneilwe Morodi19 timmar sedan

    Then covid came

  • andrew lee
    andrew lee19 timmar sedan

    ***Breaking News from the future*** Scientists make "Mars Bars" plant *GMO Critics:* "HOLY SHIT!!! IT'S MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!!!!!! THAT'S UNETHICAL AS SHIT!!!!!!!!!" Lol 😆

  • Nemo Emo
    Nemo Emo19 timmar sedan

    LIE 👎👎👎🤢

  • Nemo Emo
    Nemo Emo19 timmar sedan


  • FactsOnly
    FactsOnly19 timmar sedan

    Lol, the only reason is because countries have nukes. As soon as mutual destruction is void due to advancements in technology, say hello to World War III

  • Jon Matteson
    Jon Matteson19 timmar sedan


  • Kevin
    Kevin19 timmar sedan

    4:50 Thanks, now I'm always going to think of light as millions of tiny sperm shooting into my retinas. Great, thanks.

  • Dusan Vickovic
    Dusan Vickovic19 timmar sedan

    3:44 moment is for some reason satisfing to me.

  • Actually George
    Actually George19 timmar sedan

    Edit: haha you won't ever know what I said

  • Adlin Biswas
    Adlin Biswas19 timmar sedan

    I will be not be alive when venus or mars transform but from the heaven we can see

  • Kevin
    Kevin19 timmar sedan

    Haha yes, it's about time giant rabbits had their reign on Earth!

  • Egg-Roll
    Egg-Roll20 timmar sedan

    7:43 July 2021 here, BC saw the hottest day ever in one town then the town caught fire and vanished from the planet (via forest fire), a few weeks later Germany saw a deadly flood. We are there now folks, not 10 in years time.

  • mmx718l
    mmx718l20 timmar sedan

    You guys are turning science into philosophy and it's fucking mad

  • Naethyn Berry-Chan
    Naethyn Berry-Chan20 timmar sedan

    ever since the summer brake i have been feeling this, but then i started talking to someone and its a lot better

  • TheUniversalEclipse
    TheUniversalEclipse20 timmar sedan

    Wouldn't it be more likely that there are millions upon millions of "filters" than just one?

  • Yonathan Abay
    Yonathan Abay20 timmar sedan


  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee20 timmar sedan

    This is going to be our great filter lol

  • JW - 05PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS
    JW - 05PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS20 timmar sedan

    We are killing ourselves by upgrading ourselves.

  • SomeMook
    SomeMook20 timmar sedan

    We need Reed Richards to help us out with this one.

  • high boii aka fish stick
    high boii aka fish stick20 timmar sedan

    That will make it collide with us

  • Kevin
    Kevin20 timmar sedan

    If 2 countries are armed with nukes, and it's absolutely certain that the 1st has just launched everything, it is still just as immoral and unconscionable for the 2nd to launch back. Taking the hit means you die. Launching back only doubles the death. Everyone still loses.

  • レズンRaisin
    レズンRaisin20 timmar sedan

    What I learned? GIVE MIDUS GLOVES

  • Mick Andrews
    Mick Andrews20 timmar sedan

    Me an intellectual you Would not exist anymore

  • xavi beterams
    xavi beterams20 timmar sedan

    but in what is the universe living in?

  • wheelbite14
    wheelbite1420 timmar sedan

    "Look at your fist. It contains trillions and trillions of atoms." Psychedelic users: "First time?"

  • Luca Massi
    Luca Massi20 timmar sedan

    African tribes like Himba, and Masai eat meat and have been doing so for thousands of years. These are only 2 tribes in Africa out of the many. How about the Inuit? How can one who lives in the north grow vegetables during the winter? We need meat, not from the the large corporations. Our ancestors have been eating meat for millions of years. Without red meat you will lack 50 vitamins, and minerals. I am from the Mediterranean, we do eat meat and whole grains. Although many portrait our diet to be free from meat. Life is survival, a lion will not think twice when it sees a gazelle.

  • DarkestHeartEvE
    DarkestHeartEvE20 timmar sedan

    I know I'm two years late but I tip my hat to the Star Fox reference 😆

  • sirroxalot
    sirroxalot20 timmar sedan

    I can't even eat taters without spilling gravy on my shirt, and other folks are repurposing planets.

  • AsteruX-YZ
    AsteruX-YZ20 timmar sedan

    ...I just thought of this after 3 years of this video's upload. If exotic matter would push stuff away because of its negative mass, and we would use THAT to prop our wormhole open... How are you going to enter without getting pushed away?

  • Roland Karlsson
    Roland Karlsson20 timmar sedan

    A dyson sphere that is smaller than the earth orbit? Thats clever! Massive ice age on earth will be the result.

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma20 timmar sedan

    So the colony is mostly of doing the same task over and over again huh, seems like Hypixel SB but more realistic

  • Mikael Persson
    Mikael Persson20 timmar sedan

    It also gets three times the sunlight... that seems far more important than the Co2... The proposed sunblocker mirror solution is not stable. So even the slightest error inevitably makes them move out of alignment. In other words that kind of solution requires massive ongoing delta v.

  • DaanSprinkhaan
    DaanSprinkhaan20 timmar sedan

    Brains are the filter.

  • Orkdavid
    Orkdavid20 timmar sedan

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  • itz xlixy
    itz xlixy20 timmar sedan

    How did we find th

  • itz xlixy
    itz xlixy20 timmar sedan

    How did we check them?

  • Bitchassness
    Bitchassness20 timmar sedan


  • GunnerisCool!
    GunnerisCool!21 timme sedan

    I like how Rick and Morty where here: 3:37

  • Zachary Greenwood
    Zachary Greenwood21 timme sedan


  • Cam Clawson
    Cam Clawson21 timme sedan

    So its pretty much like when you fart in the bath tub....

  • Zachary Greenwood
    Zachary Greenwood21 timme sedan

    Debris teeter into space Lol

  • Saku Kullberg
    Saku Kullberg21 timme sedan

    Yeah, the CCP didn't notify anyone. They actually tried to hide the infections as long as they could because they didn't want to look bad.

  • William Evans
    William Evans21 timme sedan

    I guess I’ll just have to deal with 6% of the 2 trillion universes we can possibly reach. 😪

  • Zachary Greenwood
    Zachary Greenwood21 timme sedan

    This is the definition of entering God mode

  • Lou-Darcie Lewis
    Lou-Darcie Lewis21 timme sedan

    Mmmm hell I wonder what game thats from

  • Lou-Darcie Lewis
    Lou-Darcie Lewis21 timme sedan

    Mars be like a fuek

  • Shadow Cat Animation
    Shadow Cat Animation21 timme sedan

    You sound like a boomer but u meme!

  • BlackStaru21
    BlackStaru2121 timme sedan

    So what if God was actually an emergencie of everything surrounding us, the nature, animals and we self humans ? Maybe we are all a little part of an anything

  • Alparslan Korkmaz
    Alparslan Korkmaz21 timme sedan

    Nice video.

  • Sergio Marc
    Sergio Marc21 timme sedan

    our local groups is big enough for forever-exploration...

  • Aurora
    Aurora21 timme sedan

    There should be a horror sci fi movie about this

  • fabian Sanchez’s
    fabian Sanchez’s21 timme sedan

    All the dumb fucks who sign up for the military need to understand they are fighting for nothing just for benefit and money please spread this message to avoid the fight these rich government cause over stupidity

  • Alparslan Korkmaz
    Alparslan Korkmaz21 timme sedan

    Nice video.

  • Japan Boi
    Japan Boi21 timme sedan

    I am lonely. You are lonely. Let's connect :)

  • Alparslan Korkmaz
    Alparslan Korkmaz21 timme sedan

    Nice video.

  • Matias Garcia
    Matias Garcia21 timme sedan

    Evolution is a development, yes, though you forgot to clarify that this is also a theory, a posible explanation and not an absolute one; instead you asume this posiblity as "the answer" and not "a possible answer". I do reed between the lines.

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark21 timme sedan

    This video made me sad I will not live to see this unfold.

  • Japan Boi
    Japan Boi21 timme sedan

    Lonely guys and gals, let's connect and be happy together!