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Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

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  • 234
    2345 timmar sedan

    Hahahahahahah 'soy ''milk'' makes you produce estrogen and makes you more weak hahahahahahaha whata joke this channel is

  • Sapppera
    Sapppera5 timmar sedan

    “Can’t harm anyone” Asteroid: “what”

  • Patrick Poon
    Patrick Poon5 timmar sedan

    Facebook is better than SEblack!

  • George Pilkington
    George Pilkington5 timmar sedan

    Can anyone tell me how they animate these videos? Programs etc

  • 234
    2345 timmar sedan

    Oh yeah it is definitely milk production that causes the pollution not industrial society. I would rather see this world burn in fire than give up drinking milk. Fuck you kurzgesat

    NATZUM25 timmar sedan

    They will gone out of our vision.... Did we not move with the flow i mean yes the old will move faster but we will see new ground or i'm wrong?

  • Wild Salmon
    Wild Salmon5 timmar sedan

    It is not a war on drugs it is a war on the right of the people. They destroy the herbs that they label as drugs and only leave us with poison thusly making the world poisoned.

  • what the hell are you doing
    what the hell are you doing5 timmar sedan

    Stealing good, not stealing bad

  • Richard Vidana
    Richard Vidana5 timmar sedan

    The brave little toaster should have rights

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis5 timmar sedan

    Ok. How did this virus come about?

  • Tux
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  • some random dude
    some random dude5 timmar sedan

    so im your mom and im the one that called your mom gay

  • Derrick Rowe
    Derrick Rowe5 timmar sedan

    Why do you want everyone to be dependant on the govournment so bad?

  • Akmal Fakhri
    Akmal Fakhri5 timmar sedan

    Now i feel like I should make a move on her

  • Initiale Orchestra
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    12972 Karens disliked this video

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    Shayreek5 timmar sedan

    The video: 🧬🔬🔭 *The comments:* _🤪😳_

  • Moses Adelard Turyono
    Moses Adelard Turyono5 timmar sedan

    Chicxulub Impact

  • Rmdhn
    Rmdhn5 timmar sedan

    AHH, so Europe divided the middle East from once a lovely place where people live in harmony and then the US did what papa Britain did and made it worse

  • GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth
    GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth5 timmar sedan


  • Icy Jaam
    Icy Jaam5 timmar sedan

    Billions of inncoent animals are killed just to make our taste buds feel amazing.

  • V the Wizard
    V the Wizard5 timmar sedan

    Not sure who made the finnish translation for the title but it should be "Massiivisin"(the most massive) instead of "Jättimäisin"(most gigantic).

  • Ull's Arrow
    Ull's Arrow6 timmar sedan

    The fact that Kurzgesagt implies that all this happened on a fricken Tuesday is comical

  • Alex Foos
    Alex Foos6 timmar sedan

    Break the space between the atoms stretch it till it splits open. There you will find your door way. But be careful its a one way ticket. Frequency and matter are the 2 only things that are fact in the conscious universe. Time, speed, mass, ect are just ways humans confine the understanding of what you see the universe and existence to be.

  • TitanNish Art
    TitanNish Art6 timmar sedan

    Let's start a fundraiser to help homeless Rudy Jean get a job and maybe get a gf 😂😂😂😂

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown6 timmar sedan

    As soon as he said yeeted I looked straight down at the comments ha!

  • Alvar Huvila
    Alvar Huvila6 timmar sedan

    This didn't give me an existential crisis, unusual.

  • ミヤザキ3mg
    ミヤザキ3mg6 timmar sedan


    TNHODA6 timmar sedan

    This video makes me happy :)

  • Relaxed YT
    Relaxed YT6 timmar sedan

    dude why u do this ar u google answers all questions even murders and stealing

  • whateverman
    whateverman6 timmar sedan

    I love this channel. I watch it with my kids. But, I hope everyone here who loves science like I do, obviously we all do, doesn't get too caught up in this as a "yep one of these things will definitely happen" situation. I got the same sensation that I got when I stopped believing in the Bible and religion while watching this. Theoretical physics is like a religion that teeters on the edge of fatalism, IMHO.

  • Jacinto P M Da Costa
    Jacinto P M Da Costa6 timmar sedan

    No, thank you!

  • Jesse Poops2Much
    Jesse Poops2Much6 timmar sedan

    Who the fuck is arguing that capitalism is as bad as colonialism

  • Сава Стевановић
    Сава Стевановић6 timmar sedan

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar is too old for this...

  • Tsz Ching Cheung
    Tsz Ching Cheung6 timmar sedan

    “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” - a wise person

  • Tsz Ching Cheung
    Tsz Ching Cheung6 timmar sedan

    This made me so much more emotional than I expected. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Plutonium
    Plutonium6 timmar sedan

    Future scientist *laughs in wormhole *

  • Sujay Sanjiv Desai
    Sujay Sanjiv Desai6 timmar sedan

    Love the message in the end.

  • Scum
    Scum6 timmar sedan

    I don't think its safe to ascend that fast lol

  • blue het
    blue het6 timmar sedan

    We need to fix this before this shet becime bugger. We need to kill em nit t inite new spice whk will kill em bc we will again make shit

  • Nuon Flower
    Nuon Flower6 timmar sedan


  • batblurr13
    batblurr136 timmar sedan

    Damn this started out (for me) a horror movie, then a really sad movie, then one with a strong message of hope! So many emotions in like, what, 10 mins? I have genuinely never thought much about the day the dinosaurs disappeared and while watching this I felt so sad that so many lives were lost in such a short time, but then at the end, the wonderful writers and editors and narrator of this video comforted me. It honestly just validates my belief that everything happens for a reason

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential6 timmar sedan

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  • Lolstuff enjoy
    Lolstuff enjoy6 timmar sedan

    Short answer you'd die, long answer, well it's a bit complicated

  • Kaan Karabulut
    Kaan Karabulut6 timmar sedan

    It's easy, if you have a brain you don't do drugs

  • naisid
    naisid6 timmar sedan

    wow 60fps ... very smooth

  • Arctic
    Arctic6 timmar sedan

    My guy really just said yeated like it was nothing. Omd im dying lmao.💀

  • BackStage RM
    BackStage RM6 timmar sedan

    There is a song that talks about a second sun that comes to "realign" the planets' orbits, and the astronomers thought it would be another comet...

  • Çağdaş Şahin
    Çağdaş Şahin6 timmar sedan

    I haven’t any time 😒.I wish TIMEEE !!!

  • Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO
    Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO6 timmar sedan

    I'm 25 and I'm already believe I wasted all this time. Thnks for the video.

  • Krav Polet
    Krav Polet6 timmar sedan


  • Prajakta Madhav
    Prajakta Madhav6 timmar sedan

    Seriously.... We trust u? It's like to ask a fish that weather it is really sutable to live in water..... We and the fanbase trust you blindfolded.... Cause u guys r honest and admit your mistake and wants to acknowledge us.... Actually we r greatful and thangul to you guys for filling our brians with knowledge

  • what the hell are you doing
    what the hell are you doing6 timmar sedan

    Dead body reported

  • CKT
    CKT6 timmar sedan

    the people who live in Greece on a Greek island I don't remember the name almost all the people who live on the island live 100 years

  • BlockWorks
    BlockWorks6 timmar sedan

    0:55 He glitches out just like in the actual game! amazing

  • Asem Suliman
    Asem Suliman6 timmar sedan

    Although the contents discussed in this video have absolutely no consequence to us in the foreseeable or even the insanely remote future, the idea of staring at an empty night sky at any point and knowing that most of the universe is permanently out of reach is so saddening

  • Sheepish1991
    Sheepish19916 timmar sedan

    Unfortunately it looks like we only exist now to be cattle for the elite

  • Josh Slocum
    Josh Slocum6 timmar sedan

    Theres a movie called earthstorm that kinds deals with bombs on the moon. Maybe not quite as big a scale but...it's a decent flick.

  • Vincent s
    Vincent s6 timmar sedan

    The cancer cure isn't a good example when it's apparent that hiding the cure would make top pharma executives rich from the bills and they still can have that cure if they hypotheticaly had cancer and if the conspiracy was true, not all controversial conspiracies are made up.

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner6 timmar sedan

    Global warming explained 5:35 - 6:01

  • thirstywater
    thirstywater6 timmar sedan

    Lmao I want that Cancer Tycoon Game

  • dilophi
    dilophi6 timmar sedan

    I really enjoyed the pre impact part. The rest of the video feels just like a bunch of facts.

  • Jiss Palelil
    Jiss Palelil6 timmar sedan

    Amazing Animation. Whoever did this, deserves a hike!❤️✨️

  • ZS - 02AD 904342 Hilldale PS
    ZS - 02AD 904342 Hilldale PS6 timmar sedan

    where is your sources document

  • Scum
    Scum6 timmar sedan

    halfway through I forgot that this video isn't video game related

  • Sanjay Dewan Rai
    Sanjay Dewan Rai6 timmar sedan

    what if human came from space ship and covered by the name of meteor.

  • aquaticwool
    aquaticwool6 timmar sedan

    peace?!? if they only knew lmao

  • ZS - 02AD 904342 Hilldale PS
    ZS - 02AD 904342 Hilldale PS6 timmar sedan

    welp thats spoilers lol

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs6 timmar sedan

    I once heard about a program that allows you to travel to a different planet and transfer your mind into a genetic hybrid of the natives who are blue and humans.

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    Cyan6 timmar sedan

    This is turning me in to a vegan

  • Yeshvin Goodary
    Yeshvin Goodary6 timmar sedan

    Doofenshmirtz Tower at @4:24 HILARIOUS

  • Flavio Maia
    Flavio Maia6 timmar sedan

    Beautiful video. Congrats.

  • James Hodgkinson
    James Hodgkinson6 timmar sedan

    PSA, guys: maybe avoid this one if you're having a down day... you won't feel too bouncy afterwards